Worrying About Tomorrow???

Posted: February 16, 2015 in World On The Edge

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morguefile free photos

To worry is to have concern about something that threatens to bring bad news or results. Worrying often makes a person feel anxious, unhappy, or afraid. But we all do it. It’s part of our human nature.

Except none of us wants to feel anxious, unhappy, or afraid. So what do we do to keep from worrying?

We can scramble around trying to solve our problems, with finances, love, health, our future. And sometimes we do solve them, at least temporarily. I say temporarily because each of the things we’re worrying about is temporary. In our lives on Earth, not one of them will last forever. Not one.

Each day on Earth brings change to us in some way. A positive change or a negative change. We can say that the kind of change that happens is up to us. And more times than not, this is true. But there is one huge change that will occur for all of us. A change we have no control over: Death.

Each of us will die. The most successful, the most famous, the most loving, and the most hateful–all of us. If we’re going to worry about anything, it ought to be that–who will we be at the moment of our death?

For a moment, let’s draw an imaginary chart. On one side of the chart, put the temporary concerns of our present day lives. On the other side, inevitable fact of our death.

If we are honest, we will see that what happens within ourselves during our lives here, is more important than what happens outside ourselves.

If we focus on this, our worries become less. If we focus on being the best person we can be, the most loving person we can be despite our outward circumstances, then we actually have nothing to worry about. Because we will be trusting in God’s word. And he will lead us through the present moment.

If we believe in His Love, His Redemption, His Resurrection, His Spirit and His Providence, why do we rebel, question and doubt? Why do we live in a state of confusion and fear? Why don’t we let God take all the debris of our yesterdays, bury them in His Heart and watch them resurrect to give us joy, merit, peace and humility? Let us be content with the realization that He brings good out of everything because He loves us. –from Spiritual Hangovers, Eternal Word Television Network.

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