2015 Saint Louis Marian Conference

Posted: January 9, 2015 in World On The Edge

St. Louis conference
On Saturday, January 10 at 1:30 pm, I’ll be speaking at the sixteenth annual Saint Louis Marian Conference. The conference this year, which runs from January 9 – 11, is entitled after my first novel, A Hunger in the Heart. I’m humbled to be included among celebrated speakers such as: Dale Ahlquist; Bishop Robert Hermann; Father James Kubicki, SJ; Kevin O’Brien; Father Mitch Pacwa, SJ; Deacon Jack Sullivan; Father Tom Sullivan, CPM; Father Charles Becker; and Msgr. John J. Hickel.

My talk is: God Loves You Madly, So let Him! Here’s an excerpt:

“We’ve heard many times that God is Love. And we know that’s true. But it doesn’t mean God is a big, immobile valentine. God is not stationary—because Love is not stationary. God is active. He actively seeks us, each and every one of us. He is truly hungering for our love. And because we are made like Him, we are hungering for His love.

Often we don’t realize that God is who we are looking for. We reach for situations and things that we mistake for love. But the Truth is: we have never quite departed from the newborn baby we once were, lying in our cradles, craving to be held and touched, reaching up for our parent. In other words, from the moment of our birth, we are reaching for love. This is the way God planned it. He planned for us to love Him, to seek him—because he IS madly in love with us, and He wants us to be madly in love with Him.”

Two of the videos I’ll be using are created by Dan Severs–and they are beautiful and evocative. One of them follows.

If you’re in Saint Louis, I invite you to come to this beautiful conference begun years ago by a woman of great faith.

  1. Cindy Warner says:

    Kaye, when I here the phrase, “God loves you madly!”, I think of Fr. Maher. Wish I could be in St. Louis to hear you speak. Looking forward to seeing you in Mobile in February at Daughters of Mary!


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