Do You Have a Monster Within??

Posted: October 10, 2014 in World On The Edge

file1791242309948Have you ever put your parents through Hell?

Have you ever put your children through Hell?

Have you ever been in a place in your life when you were a Monster to others?

Did you hit the bottom?

Did you get tired of being tired?

Or hate yourself after every senseless argument, or action, that hurt someone you say you love?

We may not have seen it before, but when those painful things happen, we begin to see ourselves as what we’ve become–Monsters.

And Monsters can change.

First we have to accept what we’ve done and face the fear of what it has done to our lives, and to the lives of family members and friends.

Next, we can make no excuses–none at all. We cannot blame others. We must take responsibility. And then show, and tell, those our monster-status has hurt that we are sorry, and ask for their forgiveness.

Last, we must do everything we can to forgive ourselves. How? Realize that God forgives us as soon as we ask Him to. Realize that He’s never stopped loving us. And simply love him back in the ways He’s shown us; through Scripture, through our church, through other loving people.

We can reform, and we can transform, ourselves into the person we’d like to be.

And so many of us do!

Finally, a very important note. To anyone who has gone through the pain of living with a Monster you love—-please don’t ever say you won’t forgive!!

A Monster should never be without hope that he or she can be a Teddy Bear again.0003_1

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