Taking Someone for Granted?

Posted: July 24, 2014 in World On The Edge

previewTaking someone for granted is the act of not appreciating what that person does for us. Sometimes it means ignoring a person we say we love, by thinking more about ourselves than them. And sometimes, we don’t even realize we’re doing it.

We often take our loved ones for granted. We think we’ll always have their support no matter what, so we put off, or sometimes don’t even think about, telling them how much we love them, or how grateful we are for all they do for us.

But what if someone we love dies suddenly and we’ve never taken the time to express our love and appreciation? Or what if a friend who was always there for us, moves away, or finds someone they like more? Or what if the job we gripe about every day is taken from us?

Love is not one-sided. If love is real, it is shared equally–no taking the other for granted.

I think we should remember this, too: Nothing is guaranteed. A single day can make a huge difference in our life.

Now is the time to act lovingly. Now is the time to show appreciation. Not next week, not on vacation, not even tomorrow. Now.

Showing our love and gratefulness for others not only makes them feel good, it makes us feel good, too. When we see the same love and gratefulness returned in their faces, we can be certain we are sharing the goodness of God within us.

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