Seeking, Yet Rejecting, Redemption?

Posted: July 14, 2014 in World On The Edge


The ten stories in Birds of a Feather are now launched and flying!  And I’m flying with them—to the last mile.  I hope both people of faith and people who have no faith will enjoy reading them, and when they’ve finished the last page and close the book, that something of these stories will stay with them.

Some Praise:

The first story in this collection sits a reader bolt upright. Two stories in, you marvel at this storyteller, who sends us flying over new country, a landscape of modern parables where faith runs river-deep. Kaye Park Hinckley seems to overflow with beautiful, heartbreaking love and lessons. A world with broken wings can surely make use of such stories.
—Charles McNair, author of Pickett’s Charge and Land O’Goshen

“With masterful control and skillful writing, Kaye Park Hinckley boldly explores a wide range of wounded souls in this amazing collection of stories, ultimately finding love in the unloveable, and grace in the sufferings of a complex world.”
—Cassandra King, author of The Sunday Wife

Kaye Hinckley writes deeply textured stories with a distinctive voice.  Characters caught up in complex relationships, against the background of a fraying South, seeking yet often rejecting redemption. Sin as thick as grits and gravy pervades her stories…and Salvations lurks coyly, always just out of sight – it flitters through the pages like the birds who flitter through her stories. This is a wonderful volume, and I recommend it to all who contemplate our human condition.
–Arthur Powers, A Hero For The People, and The Book of Jotham


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