In Trouble?

Posted: May 1, 2014 in World On The Edge

1969230_613498932056057_348736089_nWhat do we usually do when we’re in trouble?  What do we do when we literally feel as if we’re drowning?

Thankfully, these emotions do not come daily, but there are periods in our lives when we go through great stress, or trauma. What do we do? Obsess?  Cry? Make fast, and often wrong decisions?

We look around for someone to help us out, but we see the sand being pulled from under our feet until we’re left with only a hole that doesn’t seem it will ever be filled again.

When we’re in these sort of situations, we wonder if we can survive.

The truth is we can. But not alone. This is when most of us turn to God.

God is found in suffering for many of us–not that we desire it, not that we want it at all. But if we look deeper we will find Him. We will call out to Him. He will help us.

He will definitely help us. In the way we want? Maybe not, maybe in a way much better than we ever thought about.

God will help us. Trust in that.





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