Rewind and Reload?

Posted: April 2, 2014 in World On The Edge

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you could rewind and then reload your life, would you do it?

How far would you go back?

What would you change? Would it be just one event, or more?

One thing is for sure. Life molds us from our first day on Earth.

We are influenced by who our parents are, what they taught us,  and how they cared for us.

We are influenced by friends we chose, by schools we went to, by people we dated, by whom we married.

In fact, every little thing we’ve ever done has led us to where to are— a place we like, or a place we despise.

Sometimes we can’t imagine why the bad things happen to us. We may think it’s unfair.  But doesn’t every event teach us something about ourselves?

If we want honest change—change for the better —the most fantastic thing is that we have the capability to do that.  I read this somewhere: “The past is gone.  Today is a gift. That’s why we call it ‘The Present.’

Let’s take a good look at the Gift of Life.

Lent is the perfect time to re-assess. Do we actually need to  rewind, and reload?

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