Work — Happy Time!

Posted: January 13, 2014 in World On The Edge

 Number One Happiest Job--Clergy

Number One Happiest Job–Clergy

How many people do you think are truly happy in their jobs? And what makes them happy?

The money, you say?

Or is it pride that what they are doing has some larger meaning?

Apparently, it isn’t always money.

ACCORDING TO FORBES MAGAZINE,  people in these ten jobs are happiest:

1.  Clergy:  The least worldly are reported to be the happiest of all

2. Firefighters: Eighty percent of firefighters are “very satisfied” with their jobs, which involve helping people.

3. Physical therapists: Social interaction and helping people apparently make this job one of the happiest.

4. Authors: For most authors, the pay is ridiculously low or non-existent, but the autonomy of writing down the contents of your own mind apparently leads to happiness.

5.  Special education teachers: If you don’t care about money, a job as special education teacher might be a happy profession.

6. Teachers: Teachers in general report being happy with their jobs, despite the current issues with education funding and classroom conditions. The profession continues to attract young idealists, although fifty percent of new teachers are gone within five years.

7. Artists: Sculptors and painters report high job satisfaction, despite the great difficulty in making a living from it.

8. Psychologists: Psychologists may or may not be able to solve other people’s problems, but it seems that they have managed to solve their own.

9. Financial services sales agents: Sixty-five percent of financial services sales agents are reported to be happy with their jobs. That could be because some of them are clearing more than $90,000 dollars a year on average for a 40-hour work week in a comfortable office environment.

10. Operating engineers: Playing with giant toys like bulldozers, front-end loaders, backhoes, scrapers, motor graders, shovels, derricks, large pumps, and air compressors can be fun.  With more jobs for operating engineers than qualified applicants, operating engineers report being happy.


To be able to work is a blessing.  To have a job that you like is happiness. To do your very best in your work, whatever it might be, is a virtue.  We’d all like high-paying,  fun jobs, but what’s more important is that we try to excel  in whatever job we have.


Not only will that please our employer, but we will please ourselves. There’s no higher satisfaction than knowing we’ve consciously set out to do a good job, and succeeded.  And what a booster in   self-confidence it is when we’re able to smile from ear to ear and say about the job we’ve accomplished: YOU CAN’T TOUCH THIS!

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