Unreliable Connections

Posted: January 8, 2014 in World On The Edge

file000749661761There are a lot of unreliable ‘tech things’ that we’ve come to rely on. And it often seems that when we’re really anxious to use them, they fail us. Of course, I know that no ‘thing’ is reliable all of the time. But hey–in the middle of the Auburn game?

Monday night, at the beginning of the third quarter of Auburn vs. Florida State for the National Championship, our cable went down. Since we have the ‘package deal,’ our phone and computer connections were also off. We tried everything we knew (not much because we’re not what you’d call ‘tech savvy’) and then determined it wasn’t us, but the cable company.

So my husband got out his cell phone–the smart one–and found a play-by -play description of the game, but no video. For an hour, he played the football commentator–and then in the last few minutes of the game, the cable came on again. Sadly, we were able to see Auburn lose.

And I cannot tell you how many times in the past couple of months I’ve lost material I’d written in the Word program I use on my computer. Or how one of the new windows we had put in our house suddenly wouldn’t close tightly on the coldest night we’ve had in years.

Man-made things are often unreliable, but what about people? Are there people you can’t rely on? Don’t we all know at least one or two people we may like, but wouldn’t trust with anything important?

We live in a beautiful, but very imperfect world, a world that is never quite as in synq as we’d like it to be. So we have to make allowances.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be discriminating. No one wants a product that doesn’t work. And no one wants to give up too much of themselves to a person who can’t be trusted.

This is not unkind. This is using the sense God gave you–because some things and people tie us to places we don’t want to be, and shouldn’t be. There are times to let those unreliable things and people go Bye-Bye. Or else have only yourself to blame for the troubles they will cause.

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