Lasting Love

Posted: November 8, 2013 in World On The Edge


I’m not certain what causes some marriages to last until death do us part, and others, only a few years or months.  I don’t think one couple is superior to another couple.  But when a marriage does last until the end, that marriage is indeed special.

In 1995, when my parents were celebrating their Fifty-third Anniversary, I gave them a CD of Vince Gill’s, LOOK AT US. Life was difficult for them by then. My father was very ill, and my mother was taking care of him when she wasn’t so well herself. But the song made both of them smile.

Since the day I played it for them, I hadn’t listened to the song until yesterday, eighteen years later. I made my husband listen. And both of us smiled. “Well, look at us!” he said. “I suppose it’s our song now.”

When love lasts, there’s more than a comfortable feeling. When love lasts, there’s something of the divine within it. I saw that something in my parents faces in 1995. And I hope my children will one day see it in ours.

  1. Patrick says:

    We do see it in your faces! 🙂


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