Posted: October 18, 2013 in World On The Edge

file0001008911782You may have heard a phrase that goes something like this: When tough times happen, the tough get going.

But that isn’t always true. At times, those who seem ‘tough as nails’ fall apart and into desperation. That kind of a person is likely to put up an emotional fence around himself or herself to keep others away. I think it has to do with pride–exactly because this person has been thought of as strong and can’t let others see his or her weakness.

So, they close people out.

They won’t let themselves be loved–even though they know that good times often follow bad times.

I think of the recent flooding in Colorado, where the homes and livelihoods of individuals were washed away. In the flood waters that devastated them, they literally found pieces of gold!

If you’re a person who closes out others when bad times come, don’t close out Jesus, too. Let Him hold your hand through the mess.

Let Him lead you.

Let Him love you.

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