We Will Change the World

Posted: August 27, 2013 in World On The Edge

mirrored face  None of us asked to be here. We had no choice in our making. In fact, no one on earth has ever had that choice, not even our parents who provided the means of our birth. Yet we are here. Don’t you wonder why?

I don’t think that question, “Why?” is asked enough today, yet it is core to our lives and the lives of others.

Why we are here necessarily means, “What is our purpose?” For that question, we have an answer, though we often resist it. Our purpose is to change the world.

From the time we are born, each and every one of us will change the world in some way. There’s no getting around that remarkable fact. We will change the world. The world of our parents, the world of our friends, the world of strangers.

Will the change we make be positive or negative? What do we show when we interact with others? Kindness, indifference, meanness?

Most all of us are aware of how important the parent/child relationship is; that our children see themselves as we see them. But what about other people we meet in daily life?

Other people, even those we don’t know that well, can be changed in a constructive or destructive way by one simple action, or statement, from us. Amazing, but true.

And of course, isn’t the reverse true as well? How many times have we been lifted up, or let down, by words or actions coming fLove saves Livesrom another?

We have the ability, the power to change someone’s world. Let’s remember it the next time we interact with others.

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