It’s a Wild World

Posted: August 21, 2013 in World On The Edge

maskIt takes a lot of courage to keep our faith in a world such as ours. Day by day, we hear bigger and bigger lies. We see leaders whose ethics we’d like to respect become, instead, so disreputable that we fear for our country. And we feel the pinch of that.

We have been fooled—and we’ve been too involved in ourselves to notice. We have not turned over the tables in the temple. We have not warned the cheaters. We have not called for Truth loud enough to be heard. And it is my belief that, one day, we will regret it terribly.

Let’s wake up, before we can’t wake up at all. Let’s look into ourselves—-unselfishly look–to find even the smallest ways to assist our culture and our country, founded on principles of Faith which we haven’t seen in a long while. Let’s bring them back.

Let’s bring back Honesty as opposed to lies.

Courage as opposed to timidity.

Freedom as opposed to unfounded restrictions.

Let’s eliminate the utilization of people to keep them victims, as opposed to lifting them to their rightful high place as good and dignified human beings created by God.

Let’s secure respect for Life itself.

Because if we don’t, where we end up will be worse than we can even imagine.

Day by day, our world is becoming wilder, and less virtuous.

Day by day, we are drowning, all the while grasping to hang on to what we’re ‘told’ that we need to survive. ‘Told’ not by our own heart and soul, but by people who have only their imprudent interests in mind. ‘Told’ by those who would use us for their own purposes, until the beautiful core values of America become like pieces of chewed-up gum stuck to the dirtied soles of avaricious power-worshippers.

Oh yes. We’ve left principle behind. We’ve left Faith and values behind. It’s a wild world now. Does anyone doubt that we need to change it?

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