Lawn Chair Catechism: July 17th, 2013

Posted: July 17, 2013 in Lawn Chair Catechism


To open a thing implies some sort of effort. It may be a somewhat violent, forceful effort, such as opening a lock box when you can’t find the key, or even cracking a coconut with a hammer. Or it could be a gentle opening, such as the quiet pushing open of the door to a sleeping child’s room to check on him. Whether forceful or gentle, some result will be had from the effort, but that result will not be because of us. We need to be careful of seeing ourselves as that important. We need to know our limitations.

When it comes to Faith, I think only God, by His grace, does the opening. And I think it is sometimes a gentle opening, but often a forceful one. How many times do people ‘hit the bottom’ and then change and rise to the top. Could they have risen if they hadn’t first fallen? These sorts of things are in the hands of a loving God’s permissive will.

I do believe we can influence a person’s opening to Faith by our example, our presence, and our prayers. And these are heavy-weight things. When he or she is experiencing sorrow or joy, we can be alongside as conduits of God’s grace. But we should not think of ourselves as the ones ‘doing the opening.’

Be there for them? Yes! But ‘meet someone else’s spiritual needs’ and expect them to change because of it?’ Only God can do that.

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